How to Stop Cat From Climbing on TV? On Pets And Tricks

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If you have a cat, you know how much they enjoy getting on your furniture. One common piece of furniture that cats naturally gravitate to is the TV. While it may appear to be a cute behavior, it can be dangerous and therefore it should not be encouraged. In this article, we’ll discuss how to prevent your cat from climbing on your TV and the most common reasons why they do so.

How to Stop Cat From Climbing on TV?

You can discourage your cat from climbing on your TV by using anti-cat spray, make the surface uncomfortable, and getting your cat toys.

  1. Use an anti-cat spray: Cats have extremely sensitive noses, and certain smells, such as pepper, citrus, and lavender, are natural deterrents. Spraying this around your TV or leaving packets soaked in these odors can deter your cat from climbing it.
  2. Make the surface uncomfortable: You can make the surface of your TV stand uncomfortable by wrapping aluminum foil or double-sided tape near the edges that they use to climb up the tv. This will stop your cat from climbing on your TV because they dislike the rattling of the aluminum foil and the stickiness of the tape.
  3. Distract your cat with toys: Your cat might be climbing on the TV because they are bored. Therefore, you should provide enough toys for your cat to keep it occupied and prevent it from feeling the need to climb your television. You can also buy a cat tree or hang shelves specifically for your cat to climb so that it has more options than your TV for jumping.

Mount the TV

Another great option is to mount the TV on the wall or strap it on the table if your cat climbs it. Whatever option you choose, remember to keep an eye on your cat. Remember that the most crucial component of training your cat is safety, and you must ensure that whatever you do does not cause stress.

Because a kitten has more ability to learn than an adult cat, it is best to begin teaching it not to climb your TV as soon as possible. As a result, you must say “NO” whenever you see it climbing your TV. A few sprays of water may also be sufficient to teach your cat that the TV should not be climbed, but the other methods are preferred.

You should also consider if you and your family members spend too much time watching TV, as this could be a reason why your cat tends to climb it. You could try reducing the amount of time you spend watching TV to see if it makes a difference in your cat’s behavior.

Regardless, setting boundaries for your cat is all part of being a good pet owner. While you may feel bad for lecturing them, a bit of tough love will help your cat live a happy and much safer life.

Why do cats climb on a tv?

There are several reasons why your cat may enjoy climbing on your TV, and here are a few of them:

The TV is Warm

One reason is that the TV is usually warm when you use it for a while. Cats, without a doubt, enjoy being warm and happy. This is why they like to lay down in the sun, or on the windowsill on a sunny day. Your cat requires heat, and it will often look for it – whether from the sun through the window, an open heat vent, or the television. The heat relaxes them and makes them feel more comfortable.

The TV is the Center of Attention

Because your TV is often high up and in the middle of the room, your cat may believe climbing on it will bring more attention. From your cat’s perspective, the television is ideal because they have a better view when they’re high up, and you can’t help but notice them up there. Cats are naturally jumpy animals, and will jump around from spot to spot to get a better view of their surroundings.

The TV is a Curious Object

Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures, and the TV is a large device that emits a lot of interesting light and sounds. When a cat sees television for the first time, it is curious. This is especially true when your TV has a cat or dog flash across the screen.

Having a cat climb your TV may not be a bother to you, but encouraging this behavior is probably not a good idea. The TV will not necessarily harm your cat, but it is not intended to be climbed. Your cat may possibly knock your TV over. This could potentially injure your cat or permanently damage your television.

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