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We have all seen our cats drinking some pretty weird stuff; a muddy puddle, water out of the toilet bowl… But tea? It may sound a little odd, but catnip tea actually offers numerous health benefits for our cats. It is also incredibly simple to make!

What is catnip?

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a common perennial herb in the mint family. with purple-spotted white flowers and slightly ‘furry’ leaves. It originated in parts of Europe and Asia but can now be found growing wild all over the world. You may even have seen it growing near your house! The name ‘catnip’ is thought to come from the way cats respond to it. If you have ever witnessed this reaction yourself, you will know just how intense (and comical!) it can be. Cats will roll in it, stretch, jump, meow, and generally act hyperactive when they get a good whiff. Catnip is commonly added to shop-bought toys and can be sprinkled over new kitty furniture to encourage cats to use them.

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