How To Keeping Wildlife Out Of Trash Cans On Pets And Tricks

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Keeping Wildlife Out Of Trash CansNo one wants to deal with the annoyances of overturned or infested trash cans and roll-off dumpsters. Don’t let pests and other animals take advantage of your wide-open waste disposal area. Instead, institute minor changes to take control of your trash.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to keep your waste wrapped tightly within the confines of a trash bag. Heavy-duty trash bags act as a barrier between invading pests or animals and your garbage. If you leave behind a lot of food waste, it’s especially important to minimize pests’ opportunities to access your waste disposal area using thicker, tear-resistant trash bags.

Garbage is typically gross, and leaks or spillage of sugary soft drinks and other substances can instantly attract many pests. Cleaning out your garbage cans or dumpsters with a hose and soapy water or even bleach is an effective way to discourage any infestations or visits from uninvited animal guests. It’s essential to wash out your used bottles and cans to keep your residential recycling bins clean and clear of pests as well.

Building A Trash Enclosure

Leaving your bins out in the open makes it easy for animals and insects to access your waste. Trash can enclosures are popular in areas where bears are common, and raccoons run rampant. You can build a garbage bin enclosure using wood, metal, or plastic. Buying garbage bin enclosures from a store or online supplier is another option. If you can’t afford an enclosure or don’t want to build on yourself, you can also strap trash cans to a tree or pole in your yard to deter animals like possums and raccoons from knocking them over.

Replacing Damaged Bins

Cracks and holes in garbage cans give small insects an entryway to your waste. Patch up holes and cracks using an epoxy or fiberglass reinforcement tape easily found at local hardware stores. If the damage to your garbage cans is too extensive, replace them entirely to avoid further infestations.

Securing Dumpster And Trash Can Lids

Obviously, one of the easiest ways for an animal to enter your trash can or dumpster is through an open lid. Utilize clips, bungee cords, or self-securing tops to encourage animals and other pests to leave your garbage alone. It’s important to note that a secure lid will not stop every pest, as smaller insects and bugs can still penetrate any cracks and crevices impacting your garbage can.

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