Hiking Backpack for Dogs | Our Favorite Dog Carrier for Hitting the Trail

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Hiking with dogs is one of our favorite activities here at Rover—but for some pet parents, it’s also one of the most challenging. After all, not all pups are built to clamber over boulders or ford muddy streams. So instead of leaving your dog behind or modifying your route, consider an alternative: a dog hiking backpack. And thanks to our recent experiments in the outdoors, we know exactly which one you should pick.

Why a Backpack for Hiking with Your Dog?

Some dogs were built for hiking. Long-legged Huskies, Cattle Dogs, Retrievers, and Bernese Mountain Dogs are powerhouses that can often keep on trekking long after you’re ready to call it quits. But not all pups, no matter how big of spirit, are meant for the trail. Senior dogs and smaller breeds are especially vulnerable to exhaustion and injury—a dangerous situation when help or a ride might be several miles out.
This was the dilemma I faced as I contemplated the first hike of spring with my recently adopted senior Dachshund Oscar. Oscar has many passions, but none are greater than his determination to not be left behind. He was willing to make a go of hiking—but I wasn’t sure his short legs and 14-year-old back were up to the challenge. I needed a way to give Oscar a break when he got worn out—and maybe a way to transport him over some of the larger obstacles we were likely to encounter.
Person lifts dog in raincoat over large puddle in forest

Oscar, requiring transport over some larger obstacles.

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