Guest Post By Carson Sperry On Pets And Tricks

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If you are a lifelong friend of the feline race and a proud cat parent currently living in an apartment, you know that your cat needs its space. Your cat doesn’t care if you’re in a 400-square foot studio in San Diego or a massive industrial loft in downtown Detroit. All your cat knows is that it needs space, and it needs to be able to explore, interact with and enjoy its surroundings on its own terms. 

Guest Post By Carson Sperry On Pets And Tricks


So, the question becomes, what can you do to ensure the happiness of your cat in your apartment? The good and bad news is that there is no one single answer for this question. Yes, a silver bullet solution would be great. However, cats, like people, have their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes and their own opinions about what makes an apartment a home. 


Some of the most popular methods for making sure your cat loves your apartment as much as you do are as follows:

  • Think Vertically – Cats love to explore their surroundings but they also want to experience their domain from a higher vantage point. Providing your cat with ways to “gain the higher ground”, so to speak, in your apartment will allow it to feel more comfortable and in control at home. 
  • Provide Entertainment – Your cat wants to hunt; it wants to play, and it wants to stimulate its natural instincts. Make sure your cat has plenty of toys to play with and be sure to take the time to play with them whenever you have the chance as this is a bonding experience for you and your cat that is second to none.
  • Show Love – Just like people, cats want to feel loved. Yes, even the standoffish ones that are seemingly allergic to humans. The key is to figure out how your cat wants to be loved and meet them halfway. 
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These suggestions are not the end-all-be-all of proper cat care practices. But they are a good place to start if you think your cat is not enjoying your apartment as much as you are. If you are in the market for a few more tips and tricks to make sure your cat loves your home, check out this article on with suggestions from over 20 experts in the feline field.

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