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Grey-haired woman memory graphic
Grandma Faye
graphic: courtesy Ann Adamus

 Mom Paula lost her mother to Alzheimer’s on Saturday morning, December 18. 

Grandma Faye and Bandit

Grandma Faye wasn’t always a fan of cats, dogs, or pets in general. She grew up in a generation where the only animals she had around were used for food. She didn’t have her first pet until Mom Paula’s sister gave her a puppy one year (Grandma Faye was in her 70s). Grandma Faye loved Bandit and he was her constant companion until she could no longer take care of him this summer because of her Alzheimer’s. Bandit is now living on the farm with Mom Paula’s sister with all of the horses, donkeys, chickens, cats, and two Australian Shepherds. 

grey haired women with black and white puppy in arms
Bandit’s first day with Grandma Faye in 2008

Bandit is a funny little dog who loved Grandma Faye. He quickly learned how to wrap his paws around her fingers to get what he wanted. Grandma Faye always gave Bandit treats, including Cheetos!  They were very happy together and he taught Grandma Faye the experience of unconditional love from a pet.

Grandma Faye with Truffle and Brulee

Grandma Faye was always afraid of cats. Even when Mom Paula had Sweet Praline, Grandma Faye was afraid of touching her – afraid she’d scratch or bite. Praline wasn’t around Grandma Faye until she was about 9 years old, so Grandma Faye didn’t have that much contact with her. The story is different with Truffle and Brulee.

silver shaded Persian kitten and senior lady holding kitten
Truffle won over Grandma Faye in 2011

Mom Paula went for a visit to the cattery to see Truffle and Beignet in August 2011 and invited Grandma Faye to join her. When Grandma Faye walked into the living room and saw 6 adorable bundles of fur on the floor, she wasn’t as afraid. Truffle walked right up to her and let Grandma Faye hold her. Grandma Faye also met little Beignet, but unfortunately we lost him to cancer surgery the next week. 

The day Truffle was schedule to come live with Mom Paula – Grandma Faye insisted on being there. She also was here the first day Brulee came to live with us. 

The girls quickly won over Grandma Faye. Imagine Mom Paula’s surprise one day after the girls were around 2 years old when she walked into the bedroom and saw Grandma Faye holding both Truffle and Brulee in her arms!

woman holding two silver shaded Persian cats in her arms
Grandma Faye holding Truffle and Brulee in her arms in 2012

When Truffle and Brulee were younger and Grandma Faye was healthier, she’d come over and check on the girls when Mom Paula had to travel out of town overnight. Grandma Faye would feed them, give them treats, and try to play with them. The girls quickly trained her on the art of giving treats!!! 

Senior lady giving two silver shaded Persian cats treats
Brulee even got close to Grandma Faye when treats were involved

Mom Paula Speaks

My mom was a very special lady. She made friends with everyone and had an infectious laughter that would bring a smile to everyone’s face. She was a loving and giving woman and anyone who met her loved her. She had several “adopted: children because all of our friends called her Momma Gregg. She even had servers at the restaurants who called her Momma Gregg and gave her a hug every time they saw her. My mom’s personality began changing the last 6 months with the Alzheimer’s Disease. I still saw moments of love and recognition in her eyes and the night before I lost her, I touched her on her forehead and kissed her and saw a slight change in her reactions, as if she knew it was me. I am saying goodbye to my mom for a second time and she will always be missed. I loved her dearly, but I know she’s healthy and whole again with God and I’ll see her again.

Blonde-haired women with mother
Me with my mom in 2018.

mother and two daughters sitting down facing camera
Grandma Faye with her daughters, Paula and Dorenda

woman holding silver shaded Persian cat looking up at her
My favorite photo of my mom with Truffle. Just look at the looks on both of their faces.

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