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Cats and water

Many breeders have questions about cats and water. While cats are thought to hate everything that gets wet, some of them behave just the opposite. As far as water is concerned, many cats are very similar, although there are many differences between individual cats. We’ve answered your most common questions about cats and water.

It’s not true that all cats hate water – in fact, some cats like to freshen up! The instinct of many cats not to get wet is associated with a long history of domestication, as well as a strong survival instinct. They are used to being dry and would like to stay that way.

Cats were domesticated thousands of years ago in Egypt and other countries with hot climates. In the early stages of evolution, they lost access to large amounts of water – they rarely had to get wet to survive. The cats also protected the cats from water. On the other hand, many dog ​​breeds were bred to hunt with their owners outdoors in less sunny climates, so they had to adapt to a wide variety of weather. Probably that’s why so many dogs like to dive into the water when taken out for a walk.

Remember that it is not very helpful for a domestic cat to get wet, so it does not need to do so. Cats usually know how to stay clean and free of water – they can’t shake as much as dogs and are unsuitable to hunt in or near water. Also, we all know how cats like to curl up in a warm place in a room, so diving into the water can be too cold and completely uncomfortable for them.

For many cats, getting wet just is of no use at all. If they have successfully avoided urine for most of their lives, they will become even less accustomed to urinating and may fear their fear of water in the long run. However, there is nothing to worry about in a few situations where cats will have to get wet, and if they fall under the rain or accidentally fall into the water, nothing terrible will probably happen to them.

cats and water

Can cats swim?

Strange as it may seem, cats know how to swim by nature. There is no need to teach them to swim – if they find themselves in a body of water, they instinctively stick to the water, just like dogs. Most cats are unlikely to stay in the water longer than necessary, but when in an awkward position, they will easily jump into the water to escape.

The idea that cats know how to swim is not so strange. In very warm climates, wild cats – the ancestors of your pet – often swim or dive into the water to cool off, and some wild cats even fish. All cats, domestic and wild, know how to take good care of themselves. Their ability to swim is just one of many survival skills.

cats and water

Are Turkish van breed cat swimmers?

Many people think that Turkish van breed cats like water and they swim as soon as they have a chance. This is an unconfirmed fact, but many owners of Turkish van breed cats say that their cats like to play in the bath and shower, and also do not miss the opportunity to have a dip in any body of water.

Turkish van breed cats are likely to love water no more than any other breed because stories about how they like water are more often reminiscent of jokes. Clearly, your cat’s level of fear of water also depends on its characteristics. Some cats are very careful by nature, while others like to play and explore the environment, even if it sometimes requires them to soak their feet in the sink. If your cat likes to play with the tap and does no harm, let her have fun. However, if she is not at all interested in water, do not turn it on – the reaction will probably not be friendly!

Are cats afraid of water?

Many cats don’t like water, but in fact aren’t afraid of it. Therefore, it is not at all difficult for them to dive into the water if it is the only way to escape from danger. Cats like to be warm and dry, but because they are naturally able to swim, they avoid water not out of necessity, but because they like it so much. A lot of cats even like to play with tap water, they really wouldn’t do it if they were scared!

cats and water

Why is my cat playing with water?

Even if your cat has never shown a desire to swim, they can simply be enchanted by running water. Many cats pay no attention to it, but others are very fond of watching it or can catch running water for hours on end. Some cats even run away as soon as the water is released in the shower – they may not jump into the water, but will squat nearby and watch.

The reasons for this behavior have not been proven, but there are many theories as to why cats like to play with water. A popular theory is that the image and sound of running water excites cat hunting instincts. The sound of falling water, as well as its movement – especially if the water catches light – can make cats predatory. If you’ve ever seen a cat catch a spot of laser beam or dance on a toy cat, you’ll recognize the same intimate look when cats play with water.

The cat will soon realize that there is nothing here to catch and eat, but still cannot resist the spells of water. If your cat likes to catch tap water and is in a stable position, let her do it.

cats and water

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