Football Fans Save the Day After Cat is Seen Dangling On Pets And Tricks

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Cat Dangles at Miami vs Appalachian State
Cat Dangles at Miami vs Appalachian State

While many fans at Hard Rock Stadium were watching Miami take on Appalachian State this past Saturday, some fans were watching a rare and bizarre scene unfold.

A cat was seen dangling from the second story balcony of Hard Rock Stadium! Luckily quick-thinking fans rushed in to save the day.

While this poor kitty held on for dear life, some cat loving fans carefully placed an American flag down below. As time went on, the cat began losing strength. After trying to get a better grip it began slipping. Scared for its life, the kitty tried one more time to climb to safety, but to no avail.

Then the unthinkable happens… falling from the second story balcony this lucky cat lands safely on the American flag.

Fans immediately rush over to save it, and miraculously he is okay! The kitty was taken to a local hospital in a bit of shock but expected to be just fine.

Fans were relieved that they were able to help the cat live another day! Some might even say they were a bit too excited. But in the end, this wonderful feline friend is alive and escaped an otherwise horrible outcome.

If it weren’t for quick thinking fans, an American Flag, and the cat still having one of his nine lives left, this story may have had a tragic ending.

And for the football fans out there – Miami went on to defeat Appalachian State 25-23.


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