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Your cat loves running, climbing, hunting toys and exploring the world all day – it should always be so, even if she has been diagnosed with feline diabetes. If your buddy kitten has diabetes, there is no need to worry – treatment for this chronic disease can really be managed and it will not necessarily have a very negative impact on your pet’s life. If you notice any symptoms of diabetes, make an appointment with a veterinarian. In fact, with a little control of the disease and care, you will quickly put the cat back on all four paws. She will crank pranks again, demand the attention of guests and try to get away from the inconveniences just like before! Like humans, cats have several types of diabetes. If your cat has any type of diabetes, your veterinarian will tell you what type and course of the disease. Cats usually have so-called type II diabetes, as well as so-called diabetes. To learn more about this type of diabetes, read on.
Feline diabetes

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