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You guys! Guess what?? There’s mice in our garage! Yeah…the other day the mom went to put something in the recycle bin that’s kept in the garage and when she looked in it, there was a mouse inside of it! It kinda scared the crap out of her. And she said the mouse was probably scared too because it jump out of the bin and ran away. And if you know anything about recycle bins, you know that the sides are kinda high for a mouse to scale. So he musta been scared.

Now they say if there’s one mouse…there’s gotta be more! I told the mom I would be happy to go in the garage and take care of them. But she didn’t think that was a good idea. Spoil sport.

Ernie sitting with a toy mouse

Y’know…maybe one of those mice will make its way inside…and I can take a selfie with it instead of this stupid fake one. After I play with it first of course.

Ernie…you better hope none of those mice come in the house.

See what I said…she’s a spoil sport.

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