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You guys! Sorry to have gone MIA this past week…but let me tell you what kinda week it was. It was a No Good Week! It started out on Monday with me getting dragged to the vet to get my teeth checked and cleaned…they call it a “dental.” Sure enough a couple more of my teeths were causing problems and had to come out. Not only did they steal my teeths…can you see what they did to my leg there? They stole some of my furs, too!

Ernie looking tired in his hammick

While I was recovering from that ordeal, some strangers came to our house to fix this pump thingy that’s in the basement. Well you all know how much I hate having strangers in my house. Thank cod they weren’t here long.

The mom’s camera on her iPhone stopped working which is good for me because it means she can’t take pictures of me…but bad for her because she can’t take pictures of me. She used her old regular camera to help take my selfie. But that camera doesn’t work well anymore either. And so this selfie kinda stinks if you ask me.

Then the other day I started having problems with my back again. It’s really hurting and I’m finding it hard to walk. So I have to continue taking the pain meds that I was taking after my dental AND I’m on restricted activities. No jumping or doing stairs. Sheesh. It’s tough getting old, y’know???

I’m sure glad that week is over.

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Even though my selfie stinks, I’m still pawticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the Hop or to see other selfies click HERE!


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