Does my cat look pregnant? On Pets And Tricks

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by DeAnna


Does my cat look pregnant On Pets And Tricks

I just took in a cat a few months back that is about 1 year old. She’s not spaded obviously. She used to belong to a family member. Her behavior has changed recently. She’s a lot more lovey towards just me. She’s on my lap constantly.

She also NEVER lets anyone pet her stomach… not even me until recently. Now she even rolls over so I can access her underside better. She never did this before! She’s also more vocal. Meows a lot more. Used to only meow when she wanted something and I could follow her to what she needed. Now, she meows but won’t take me anywhere to tell me what it is she needs.

I know to check if her nipples are pinking but to me I really can’t tell. I’m not experienced in this area. They look sort of pink but so does the skin color around her nipples. Is it maybe too early to tell?

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