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by Annie

My sister adopted a cat a few years ago. At the time she adopted it she had one cat at home. The cat she adopted was declawed (by previous owners). She will not pee in the litter box but will poop in it.

She has a few spots around the house that she will regularly pee in (on the carpet). Also if you leave a duffel bag on the floor, clothing, plastic/ paper bags she will pee on those. She drinks a lot of water and really just sleeps all day.

She does get up on the scratchy pad and scratch at it with her front paws (only her front are declawed). She and the other cat don’t play. They don’t really acknowledge each other. Every once in a while they will growl and smack each other.

I do know that with her being declawed that using the litter box can be painful, but if she’s using it to go #2 I’m wondering if there could be something else that’s going on.

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