Darling Millie: Millie is Home

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Because Millie meant so much to me, I chose a private cremation for her body, and asked for her ashes to be returned.

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The folks at Lap of Love took care of everything and were wonderful to work with. Everything was handled with sensitivity, love and respect. I received a personal note from the at home vet, a certificate of cremation, information about grief, a printed copy of the story of the Rainbow Bridge (which, even though I already knew, brought me to tears when I read it). The addition of a packet of flower seeds was a lovely touch.

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I put Millie’s box on this table in my living room and spread the rose petals from the roses I had bought myself for Valentine’s Day around it. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to have her remains close by. I touch the box every day.

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