Daily Photo: All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

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five black cats in a line
All lined up and waiting for lunch.

It’s been a long time since this wonderful family lined up for a meal. This was once a daily occurrence and I’m thrilled to see them do it again today! Wish I’d had my better camera, but this will do.

I let each cat, fosters and all, choose where in the kitchen they want to eat. When these were all younger, after we lost our tortie girls in 2012 and before so many fosters came along, they lined up just like this daily.

Now each of them gets a mid-day meal and a chance at the food puzzle, but they don’t always eat at the same time. I’ll have to try to remember the magic from today.

Mimi chose some genetically advantaged boys for this group. Can you see similarities between her facial features and each of her “kittens” features?

Below: lunchtime!!

five black cats in a line
Lunchtime for all!



From Instagram

Hearing the word CAT!! in every bird language from all the trees around the backyard as Mewsette quietly strolls on a sunny Saturday morning having no idea of her impact.

Outdoor Studio. Girls are inspecting my set up as I make a few more Scratch Your Claws Here cat mats for the Carnegie spring market tomorrow afternoon! They’ll have to settle down before I get out the paint. Hope these things are dry by tomorrow!

1655206573 221 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

This week’s #boxpawty — Jelly Bean tries to fit himself into the (recycled) box I’m getting ready to ship with a customer’s order, he decided he wanted to go and visit his housepanther cousins from New Jersey, and have a vacation on Cape May! Now that takes paw-lanning!

1655206573 917 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks


1655206574 528 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

From around this date in past years

Pretty in Pink, 2021

black cat with pink rhododendron
Mimi makes the scene.

Mimi liked the rhododendron so much this year that she willingly posed around it, unlike last year when I couldn’t get her to get near it when I had my camera—in fact, you can even see last year’s non-event below. She even had a little routine of posing and interacting with the blossoms. Above, she gazes tranquilly at the flowers. Below, she gets a good whiff of them!

black cat with pink rhododendron
She gets a good whiff of the blossoms.

The bush was especially lovely this year, with even more blossoms than last year. I did a little judicious trimming, and this is the third year since the maple trees are gone, and Rhody is feeling good. Mimi chooses one more pose with the rhododendron and forget-me-not flowers.

black cat with pink rhododendron
A classic pose with rhododendrons and forget-me-nots.

I took these at the end of May when I was about to move the cats to the farm, so I didn’t have the chance to share them before now—along with a number of other photos! But Mimi deserves her due for the inspiring photo shoot we had. When she’s done, she marks it in particular cat style, with a thorough and extended face rub on the edge of the porch.

black cat with pink rhododendron
She marks the spot with a thorough, extended face rub.

I think Mimi had a good idea for waiting, though, because the fallen blossoms added to the beauty of the scene. I don’t remember the fallen blossoms making that much of a show in the past, but Mimi made the most of them all around her tiny paws. When it was all done, she settled down on the edge of the porch with the angry rabbit to gaze upon her little paradise.

black cat with pink rhododendron
Then she rests to survey her paradise.



From Instagram

It’s a hot one out there! Keep yourself and your kitties cool, put a few ice cubes in everyone’s water, and find a nice geranium to provide some shade.

1655206574 594 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

The #housepanther receiving line for guests to our house. Aunt Mary stopped by today, a favorite because she brings some of their favorite food. They know her as soon as she walks in the door.

1655206574 189 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

I had no idea my hair was doing that. An interesting perspective, my reflection in a bucket of water, outdoors. That’s the sky behind me. It’s a really subtle illustration effect. I may use this as a profile photo someday.

1655206574 461 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

From the garden and beyond

You can find more about each of these photos on bernadettestoday.com or click the photo to go to the post.

Good morning!

yellow sundrops

Looks like one of our municipal gardens was sprouting baby geese recently.

1655206574 364 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

The buck stops here, I guess, at least for dinner.

1655206575 207 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

Be prepared for the excitement. It’s 45 seconds of LIGHTNING BUGS! I will never outgrow the excitement of lightning bugs at dusk. Now, it is really summer. I wish I could have avoided the siren, but there are plenty of bugs trilling and birds singing.


1655206574 528 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

From around this date in past years

Through the Magic Rhododendron Portal, 2020

1655206575 739 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

One of the things I love about living with cats is watching them explore new things in their environment in minute detail, then find a way to occupy it and own it, whether it’s a box, cat tree, new piece of furniture, or a small section of the yard, especially for Mimi. Once my niece and I removed the ivy that was covering the entire front yard last year (well, she did all that!), we spread plastic and wood chips from the trees I’d had cut down and my original rock garden with a few short stone walls in a couple of places was visible again. I remembered building all that the spring after I’d moved in here and was happy to see the structure I’d set up once again ready for growing things. And for felines!

Mimi was ready to explore. Another wall to use as a catwalk! And curl up for naps on sun-warmed stones, even in May. These photos were taken on May 10 and 13 as Mimi acquainted herself with the wall and walked beneath the portal (rhododendron) to the “other side”.

1655206575 509 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

1655206575 493 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

That was a totally cool experience. And that rock she’s standing on? It’s so nice and warm under her paws…it was in the sun all afternoon…so of course it was the purrfect spot for a little feline enjoyment. First to mark the stones as belonging to Mimi.

And then a little bath…

1655206575 409 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

…and then a nap with lots of toe stretching and head turning upside down.

1655206576 550 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks


1655206576 950 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

We’ve revisited the wall regularly since then, and I’ve tried so hard, alas, in vain, to get a good photo of Mimi exiting the portal on the wall. But these minute little happinesses are so important to cats. I know they are part of what makes Mimi content each day and ensures her continued physical and behavioral health. And mine too, as I follow her around with my camera searching for the best way to interpret her pose. I can’t be as free when we’re out in the front yard because I need to keep a close eye on her and on our surroundings, but it’s worth missing a photo now and then to ensure her safety.

I’ve been enjoying my Mimi Monday posts and sharing all these photos of her I take outdoors. Let me know what you think!


Yes, I’ve been MIA for over a week, even for those of you who follow me on Instagram and other social media! Several things came together at once and needed my time before the end of June. I wanted to relieve the strain on my eyes until my new glasses are ready (July 1!) and stay away from posting long enough to get the other projects done and get back to posting regularly. I’d actually intended to share that I’d be “away” for a few days but even ran out of time for that. I always miss posting, and I’m always glad when I can come back to The Creative Cat.


From Instagram, last week to Monday

June 20

Boys are trying to like cantaloupe, because that’s what I’m eating. I’m trying to get to know my new cellphone, because my old old one could not update past android 5 and had to be replaced. What better way than to photograph my cats? It’s a win-win. The cantaloupe was a no-go, though.

1655206576 610 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

Really? You eat this stuff?
My new phone fits a lot more apps too. Camera is good, but nothing is like my DSLR. Still going to be fun.

Mariposa is feeling this purrfect summer morning.

1655206576 792 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

June 22

The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse are planning my day because they are coming to work with me today. Wait, how is that any different…

1655206576 903 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

June 24

Yeah, my hair’s doing something pretty fantastic this morning, isn’t it?

1655206576 734 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

Whisker Wednesday at the window. Mariposa just generally has a lot of hair, something we have in common on humid mornings.

1655206576 154 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

Mr. Sunshine is having a great morning. He’s in a bag, in a bag!
Don’t worry, one side of each handle is pulled loose.

1655206576 717 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

June 29

I’m sorry I opened the refrigerator door overnight.
I still get my breakfast though, right?

1655206576 530 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks


From the back yard and beyond.

The daylilies are really putting on a show on a breezy summer afternoon.


1655206574 528 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

From around this date in past years

Now That’s a Nap, 2019

Basil's good nap.
Basil’s good nap.

That little row of teeny teeth and then the FANGS. Basil is a purrfessional at napping in interesting positions. He always starts out in pretty normal positions, then at some point he lets it all hang out.

From Instagram

It’s the pre-breakfast wrestling match to enhance the appetite. It’s how they work off their excitement while I prepare 10 bowls of food. Mariposa wriggles across the floor on her back under Jelly Bean’s face and boxes his nose with those big white mittens until he engages. If she doesn’t, he starts vigorously licking her face and before long they are wrestling all over the floor. Kitty communication is a very interesting process!

A year ago I had trapped Mariposa as an adult along with a colony of feral cats at an abandoned house and she began her journey to socialization. All other adults went to a friend’s farm. Mariposa was clearly related but somehow let me know she wasn’t like them. She is very pleased to be a socialized cat with her own house and a human she can manipulate and a family of felines who love her despite her odd coloring 😉.

Bean and Mariposa in the morning.
Bean and Mariposa in the morning.

1655206577 582 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks

Photos shared in past years

Some Good Naps, 2018

Hamlet having a really good nap.
Hamlet having a really good nap.

This black object is completely identifiable as Hamlet, enjoying this purrfect afternoon.

I actually got an inexpensive smartphone with inexpensive service to have for my travels over the past week, as well as just to use as a cell phone. I’m trying out the camera along with the service, and napping kitties are a purrfect subject. Not sure the camera really cuts it, though. But I had fun with it nonetheless.

Looks like there’s a UBO on my bed. They show up on rainy mornings like this. If you look closely you might see toe beans. (UBO = Unidentified Black Object) That would have to be Bella.

A UBO on my bed.
A UBO on my bed.


Photos posted on or around this date in previous years


Wordless Wednesday: Saturated Nap

Giuseppe is enjoying a nap saturated with color and comfort.
Giuseppe is enjoying a nap saturated with color and comfort.


Basket Nap With Video

Basket Nap, Scene 1
Basket Nap, Scene 1

The yellow basket continues to be a favorite napping spot, and Giuseppe and Bean have been favorite napping partners since they were kittens.

Basket Nap, Scene 2
Basket Nap, Scene 2

Giuseppe kind of acts like the pillow while Bean likes to sleep in a ball, so he tucks himself into Giuseppe’s belly.

Basket Nap, Scene 3
Basket Nap, Scene 3

The yawn starts another segment of the nap.

Basket Nap, Scene 4
Basket Nap, Scene 4

I recorded just a short portion of the nap, doing my best to get the purrrrrr, so you might need to turn up your speakers.


Photos posted on or around this date in previous years


Blue Pitcher With Black Cat, 2013

Blue Pitcher
Blue Pitcher

Don’t be silly, human. Who would be interested in a photo of a dumb blue pitcher?

I think this is much better.

Blue Pitcher With Cat
Blue Pitcher With Cat

I have to say, I do like it, Mr. Sunshine, subtle, almost abstract. I have some talented cats here.

I also had way more photos of the blue pitcher with black cats in them than without.

This was the final photo I chose, without cats—just for jollies, even though no one would really want to see a photo of a dumb blue pitcher without any cats in it. I had my DSLR in my right hand and my left arm around Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe and Mewsette on the cabinet, holding them against me as they struggled, and waving my right foot at Mimi and Bean on the floor to decoy them from jumping up. So I was standing on my left foot and doing the hokey pokey, and I don’t know why the photo is as clear as it is, or how I got the angle I wanted showing a bit of the table above it…


And don’t forget, you too can have talented photo assistants and feline art directors in your home—and I can vouch for the creativity of black cats. During Adopt-a-Cat Month, you can easily find your next interior decorator or social critic!

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The art print and greeting card design.
The art print and greeting card design.

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1655206584 116 Daily Photo All Lined Up On Pets And Tricks


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