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Ornos Mykonos

Ornos is a village located in a lovely bay in the South West of Mykonos island, only a ten-minute drive away from Mykonos Town (Chora). It has an abundance of trendy bars and restaurants that spill out onto the sandy beach, plenty of hotels, and… many cats. It is your typical family-friendly tourist destination. 

ornos cats
ornos mykonos cats

During the summer months, Ornos is one of the most crowded beach resorts on the island. Outside of the tourist season, however, the town is nearly deserted and almost all the bars and restaurants are closed. 

That means the community cats have to fend for themselves. 

soulatso trattoria ornos Mykonos

soulatso trattoria ornos

ginger cat ornos mykonos

Also, winters in Mykonos can be quite cold, and it is not uncommon for strays to freeze. Cardboard boxes and sheds provided for them by volunteers are usually destroyed within a few days, and that photo that goes around the internet showing a taverna opening its doors to freezing strays is the exception, not the rule.

poor cat

poor cats

ginger cat ornos

It is a myth that strays have it easy in Greece, because we are used to seeing them sunbathe and being fed by tourists during our two-week summer vacation. However, surviving the winter as a stray is extremely difficult.

ornos apaggio restaurant

ornos restaurant

ornos cats

If you have the intention of visiting Mykonos island outside of the tourist season, then make sure to visit Ornos and bring some kibble and warm shelter along to help the cats. This will aid them in surviving the colder months.

If you’re lucky enough, the cats will reward you with a gentle rub against your leg.

cats of ornos mykonos

cats of ornos mykonos

stray cats ornos
stray cats ornos mykonos

It is easy to reach Ornos Beach by car, or you can take the bus from the Fabrica bus station in Mykonos Town (Chora). From here, you can also take the water taxi to the beaches Platis Gialos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari, and Elia.

cats ornos

Have you ever visited Ornos? Have you met some of these cats?

ornos mykonos
ornos cat
cat ornos
Greek cats

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