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Cat Wisdom 101 Cats’ Birthdays: Kittenish Seniors by Layla Morgan Wilde

Oh my whiskers, how did this happen? I got a Facebook memory this week from 2011!  It’s our 12th anniversary or blogoversary. Whatever you call it, it’s a milestone of love, purrs, sweat and perseverance.

Cat Wisdom 101 12th Anniversary Cats Birthdays Kittenish Seniors

So many feelings. Back then the original fab four included the Patriarch, Merlin, the still feral Domino, the semi-feral former basement mouser Gris Gris and the young Odin who had had recent surgery to remove his eye. Odin is the only remaining member still alive and he turned 12 this week!

Odin has seen it all and grown from a mischievous kitten to a kittenish senior. He’s been our hard-working cat product tester for 12 year and semi-retired now. It’s remarkable how he remains his athletic form. He goes out adventuring with his GPS collar every day, winter or summer.

Just yesterday, he scaled a huge old oak in three seconds flat. That was after is brought a screaming baby bunny into the house, the third one this week. He never kills them and lets me catch them to return them home. It’s a thrilling game for him. Now, it’s another story for mice. They have a 50/50 chance of being a snack.

I don’t think he forgave me for making him wear a birthday hat last year.

Odin cat birthday hat

I brought out the birthday hat and didn’t bother luring him. He is after all the King of Bacon Hill. The only change in appearance is his crumpled cauliflower ear or aural hematoma. His vet thought it wasn’t worth draining. Last year Nou Nou had one and it was drained twice and it’s still crumpled. So now the Gemini birthday cats both have one eye and one crumpled ear each.

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For all the latest videos, I post at least two or three weekly on Instagram @CatWisdom101

Ditto my personal stuff like a recent family bridal shower, spiritual quotes, nature etc. at @BoomerMuse

It’s hard to believe it’s likely Nou Nou’s last birthday. At least that’s what her vet says.

Maybe it’s end of life rallying as cats often do, but she’s never been more loving, engaged, curious and happy. She often wants to go out into garden for brief supervised forays, but this week, she found a cozy spot under the blooming honeysuckle and stayed for hours. Her appetite is good. She’s pampered and doted on, fed on demand. She’s losing weight as all CKD cats do but more slowly. All rugs are removed. Plastic covers whatever she likes to pee on which is almost everything. We’re doing lots of laundry but that’s palliative care life. As long as she’s happy, it’s all good.

Birthday hats? No thank-you. This is a still from the cats’ birthday video this week on Instagram.

1654682777 194 Cat Wisdom 101 12th Anniversary Cats Birthdays Kittenish Seniors

Cat Wisdom 101 started in 2011 on a whim.

Everyone seemed to be blogging. Remember this was before Instagram and TikTok and it felt like a fun hobby. Little did I know it would change my life. I’m not going to dwell on the history but every year I wonder will it be my last. 10 Years of Blogging Wisdom From Cat Wisdom 101 is worth reading or from 2019 Cat Blog Hiatus or Farewell Is In The Stars 

Oh dear, in 2018 Why Award-winning New York Cat Expert Layla Morgan Wilde is Celebrating 7 years of blogging With A Rant

And so many more. Poke around and you might find a gem.

The worst thing about having a very big, old blog.

There are loads of creepy sites that steal my content daily (content scraping). I know who many of them are but they make it near impossible to fight with copyright infringement notices. It’s not worth the trouble but I do send out DCMA notices when I can. Bot visits have quadrupled in the past year and they slow down my site and impact my traffic. It’s tiresome and when I do eventually retire, I need to decide to keep it up or take it down.

I always felt that I would keep blogging as long as I had even one cat left. I’m not so sure now. What I do know is: I miss the innocent days of blogging, and more than ever I appreciate the connection of like-minded souls like you! Stay tuned for BIG news later this month!

Until we meet again,

Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and the ever present Angel kitties

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