Cat O’ The Day: Sunflower On Pets And Tricks

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Cat O’ the Day: Sunny (Sunflower)
Where to start with this upstart? She came to us after having been left with her three sisters, in a big box, in a parking lot. One was literally skin and bones, and died within hours. Two had become blind; Ophthalmologist said likely from eating dog food, BUT!!
As cats do, they survived handily, and are with us now, the sweetest of cats! The SWEETEST! Sunny is a calico, with a stiff twisted tail and stiff little legs. She is tiny but mighty, albeit understated. She stayed under the covers for months, just in case it wasn’t safe outside of them, and perhaps because she’d never had a warm bed. She navigates beautifully…going for it full-tilt even if it means bumping into things a lot. Don’t let folks tell you a blind cat needs to be kept indoors!!
Sunny is very affectionate, but don’t try to pick her up! She freaks! Makes vet visits a blast, though she quiets right down for her acupuncture needles!
You can see her ear tip…turns out a trapper friend had trapped her and her sisters, years back, and had returned them to where they were trapped. Who knows what they went through after that….but let’s not dwell…
Sunny is close to her two sisters, sleeping with one or both when she’s out of bed.
She goes NUTS when she gets her hands on a toy mouse…and even with batting it around, keeps good track of it. I’ve tried to get videos with sound those little cries…you’d not believe it!
Sunflower is a bright light around here!!

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