Cat O' the Day: Leo On Pets And Tricks

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Leo was found in the middle of the railroad tracks in Richmond, CA.  He was brought to us by a friend…and fellow animal lover.  He was tiny, but old enough to eat solid food (whew).
From his first day here, Leo was a serene, gentle, loving cat.  He was adopted with a fellow orphan from Richmond, Andrew, with whom he’d become close.  The adopter, living on Arlington, had fears that Andrew would get hit by a car, and so Andy and Leo came back to us. Can’t say I regret it! Both are stellar felines.  Andrew is a bit sensitive and not as secure as Leo, and I think the man had reason for his fears; Andrew is not as confident as Leo.  I’ve been calling him Handsome Andrew to build his confidence.  And, yes, he’s gorgeous!
​But back to Leo…Mister Sunshine.  
Leo is a joy to have around…a calming, sweet presence. No drama. He’s a cuddler; an undemanding, happy soul.  He’s a great role model!

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