Cat and DOG Chat With Caren: There are no words……

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I have no words. No words that adequately convey the depth of pain that is felt when a beloved pet passes unexpectedly. Losing a pet at any time is heartbreaking and painful, but the loss of a pet suddenly, completely out-of-the-blue is one of the worst pains imaginable. Believe me, I know, and I know that sadly, many of you have experienced the sudden loss of a pet as well.

Our hearts go out to Terry (Brian’s Home) and his wife, Celesta at the sudden and tragic loss of their beautiful Dolly. She was one of the prettiest kitties I have ever seen.

I know most of you have offered words of condolence and comfort to our cherished friends at Brian’s Home, but for those of you who haven’t, you can do so where I highlighted the name of their blog.

R.I.P. beautiful Dolly, you will be forever missed and loved.


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No sooner did I write this post about Dolly, I went into my email and learned about the passing of handsome Winston from the blog, Stillness at Cherith. I always enjoyed looking at his handsome countenance and reading about his antics. He was one exquisitely handsome mancat with the most amazing blue eyes. You can leave words of comfort for his sweet Mama, Maggie at the Stillness of Cherith blog where I have the blog name highlighted.

R.I.P. Winston you handsome mancat

We will love you and miss you furever


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