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Can Cats Eat Chocolate

Cats are very curious. Despite they are rather picky eaters, they will never miss an opportunity to explore and taste what you are savoring so much. Especially, they are interested when eating that treat is preceded by the unfolding of its wrapper. So shiny, so beckoning – your kitty just can’t resist it.

Many cat owners say that their pets like eating chocolate, candies, ice cream. At first glance, it may seem that cats do it consciously, enjoying the taste of sweets. But that’s not true: cats, being true predators, do not feel the taste of sugar at all.

When a cat eats chocolate, it feels the taste of vegetable fats, milk, nuts, but not sugar.

The thing is the cat DNA lacks the TAS1R2 gene, which is responsible for the perception of sweet taste. In comparison, human DNA includes this gene along with the TAS1R3 gene, allowing us to distinguish different sweet tastes.

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