Best Cat Stories to Convince Your Family into Adopting a Cat

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Here are some of the best cat stories to convince your family into adopting a cat. These stories prove that our feline friends are probably the only good side of this world.

Even the most stubborn mothers who hate the idea of adopting a cat might change her mind. Our furry friends are captivating with their every aspect. Each of them has a unique personality like us and they also create bonds with humans as well. That, of course, results in amazing stories that can make you cry, laugh or want to adopt another kitten.

We should also note that the concept of adopting cats goes back to medieval times and even before that. Domesticating these feline companions was helpful for farmers as they eat flies and protect the crops from other insects. So, cats have actually been a part of the human household since early times. And when we take the daily struggles of the modern human into the account, getting a feline is essential.

Without further a due, let’s dive in and have a look at some of the best cat stories online to read to your family members who think otherwise.

1- Listen to Jen When She Meows

“I live with my cat. So, if I hear something in the house, it is probably coming from her. Her name is Jen and she literally saved my life while I was taking a shower. 

It was a long and tiring day so I really wanted to go home quickly as I can to take a hot shower. I came home turned the stove on to heat some leftovers. I forgot that and went to the shower. My door was closed but I heard Jen was calling.

She does this strange sound when she is angry or lost her ball and wants me to find it. She kept doing it and I thought “she will find it anyways” and moved on with my shower. Jen is a chill cat. She doesn’t meow that much. But she kept on meowing and meowing so I got out and opened the door.

The moment I opened it she ran to the kitchen and kept meowing. It was only then I realized that she was trying to tell me that I was about to burn the house. She literally saved my life and my only property in this mortal life.”

2- He Knows the Way

“Adam is an IT member who is always stressed because of his work. So, he wants to adopt a kitten to alleviate his exhaustion and pet the heavenly fur of a feline friend. Although he manages to convince his dad, his mother does not want a cat no matter what happens.

Let’s add that Adam’s mom is not allergic to cat hair.

Yet again, she doesn’t want to get one as having an animal inside the house is quite strange to her. Despite her mother’s efforts, Adam adopts a kitten when he was 2 months old and starts feeding him on their balcony. He does not take the kitten inside because of his mom, though.

After feeding the kitten for some time, he realizes that there are more than five cats waiting on the balcony. Following Adam’s kitten from other streets. The most surprising fact is that the kitten also carries food to other streets as well, in order to feed his fellow companions. After witnessing this amazing incident and seeing that the small kitten has become the sole provider for other animals, Adam’s mom is finally convinced to adopt the kitten.

After two months, the kitten receives the name Sam and becomes the best friend of Adam’s mom. And the name Sam comes from The Good Samaritan.”

3- Cats Can Feel

“My mom was never a cat person. She loved dogs and told me that she had had a dog when she was a young girl. After my dad died, she returned to our cabin in the countryside by her lonesome. 

I visited her last week only to see that the cabin was filled with cats. My mom, who never wanted a cat is now a cat owner and she has an actual army of these feline warriors. They never leave her side when my ma watches TV or cooks something.

I asked her how and why this happened as she never loved cats. She said that whenever she thinks about my dad, her cats somehow understand her and gather around her side. She also added that when I wasn’t around to share her grief, her cats helped her go through it.”

4- Embarrassed

“If my cat acts stupid and gets caught during the act, he gets very angry about it. Let’s say he dropped something on the table and I saw it and didn’t say anything. When I sit down, he looks at me and waits for me to relax. Then he just runs up very quickly to bite my hand. I don’t know what to do. He just can’t handle embarrassment, I guess.”

5- My Cat Loves My Brother

“My brother is a very depressed teenager. He has never had any friends during high school. Middle school was also pretty hard for him. There is nothing wrong with him though. He just needs some time to open up to people and make great first impressions. 

After I got married and moved to a new house, my husband and I adopted a cat. Before that, I haven’t had any experience as a cat owner. My brother did not have a cat as well. So, when he finally visited us after the moving process, our cat literally jumped on him and started making that beautiful murmur sound. 

Our cat’s name is George. And he definitely loves my brother. He has never been that comfortable with us. He just goes on his lap and sleeps there when my bro comes to our place. He also licks her hands during self-cleaning. We started to think that George is the best friend of my bro in a cat form.”

6- You Can’t See Me

“My mother hates it when my cat Lilith climbs on the table. My mom shouts at her to make her climb down. But she hides her head behind the vase and thinks that we can’t see her. Even though 90% percent of her thick body is pretty visible to the eye.”  

These are some of the best cat stories you can share with your family members who don’t want to get a feline.

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