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I’ve decided to give you an insider’s view of the goings-on while putting a show together. I know there is a morbid fascination with the inner workings of Hollywood and the magic it produces. So here goes . . .

This week has been a long line of interviews. The search for the next contestant is rigorous, to meow the least. Not everyone is suitable for what it takes to go before the cameras.

We carefully screen those who want to get on the show. Mock games are played in order to weed out the pets who turn into scaredy-cats at the drop of a hat. We want the pets with the most charisma and charm. After all, an entertaining show is our trademark.

There is also a chemistry element to Match 3. (Yes, we take a scientific approach). The contestants must not be intimidated by the celebrities (They are, just, felines like the rest of us) despite what some past ‘stars’ would have you believe. They are NOT Gods! Although, I may venture to meow that one of next month’s celebrities is a Goddess, in my books! *MEOWSER! 😻*

Once the contestants are grilled for their social skills, we put them through a stringent training on TV etiquette. Call it a quick-study course on playing to the camera and studio audience. It’s very easy, for us cats, to get stage fright and want to run and hide.

That would not do for a hit show, such as Match 3. I mean, how would it look if the players of Wheel Of Fortune or Jeopardy took off every time the studio audience reacted? When I, as the host, make a joke . . . I WANT LAUGHTER! Not a cat on the lam.

So, after a long week of scrutiny, we have found our next victim . . . Oops, I mean . . . contestant. A feline of considerable talent and likability. Not to meow, an incredible brain! All we have to do is tape the show and air it at the beginning of July.

Admittedly, one never knows how an episode will come out. As soon as the director calls, ‘Action’, anything can happen. Rest assured, as host of the ‘Greatest Pet Game Show’ on Twitter, I shall do everything in my power to run a dignified ship and steer clear of any icebergs.

Behind The Scenes thejoyofcats On Pets And Tricks
Thank you, for the photo, Ms. Lynda @SnowFairy29

Match 3 is no Titanic!!! Unsinkable is the meow, I like to use.

So, if any others would like to audition for the show just let me know and you can be added to the ever growing list.

The show must go on . . .

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