Back From Hell & a Matching Grant!!

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​Where to start? Got a call from a distraught woman. Her sister had developed dementia, and had been moved out of her house.  The cats were in bad shape, she said; shut down and traumatized. She had taken them to the wonderful (!!) Mau House Cat Hotel in Richmond, but could not keep them there. I resisted, having so many others needing care, but she was so desperate….

I’m SO glad I took them! When I got them home, I found them to be filthy and withdrawn, though the back one was full of nervous energy. He had not even made eye contact at Mau House, just kept his head down. Bettina had severe mobility problems. both were incontinent.  They would not have done well in any other shelter, that’s for sure. 

I got Silky neutered, and got them both baths. Due to Bettina’s condition, no surgery for her was advised.
Bettina is withdrawn and passive, but Silky, though affectionate, loses it at times and bites. Bites hard. I got one in the ankle, and have been barely able to walk for the last week. Am being very cautious now. 
There’s always hope! It will take time for these two. Bettina gets acupuncture, and they have both seen our chiropractor.

There’s a lot more to say, but GOOD NEWS is that one of our board members has put up a MATCHING GRANT of $1000.00!! 

If we can raise that amount by December 31, she’ll match it. Please help us to reach our goal for this generous matching grant!

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