A New Cat Mat? – The Island Cats…Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat!

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You guys! Check this out. The mom bought this new mat. She said it’s a bath mat. But I have taken it over and declared it as my new CAT MAT! It’s soft and comfy and I enjoy napping on it.

Ernie sitting on bath mat

There’s only one problem. It’s wet sometimes…usually after the mom takes a shower…so my furs end up getting wet, too. She told me I would just have to wait until it dries before lying on it.

What the fluff?!? I thought she was supposed to know cats. Obviously she doesn’t because us cats don’t WAIT for ANYTHING! So I told her she better keep her big wet feet off of my cat mat.

How ’bout you guys? Have you ever taken over something that belonged to your human?


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