A Fur Mama’s Thank You To My Pets On Mother’s Day On Pets And Tricks

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 It all started with this boy, my Angel Bobo,

my first “heart” cat, rescued during a Cleveland blizzard in 1990

He loved me with all he had

A Fur Mamas Thank You To My Pets On Mothers

we spent 18 wonderful years together,

he taught me so much about cats, since he was my first

He was my first Tabby Love

and the reason why I’m still obsessed with Tabby Cats.

He lived his life as my “only” pet

He wouldn’t have it any other way and I respected that

Then, Cody, Dakota, Roary and Levi

My Cody, my “velcro cat”

never left my side…until he did

He made me laugh, 

He made me cry with grief when he passed, the depths of which

I had never experienced with another pet.

So sudden, so unfair, so horrible

But the times he made me laugh were the best.

My Dakota, my first Sheltie,

the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of

having a Sheltie

His sensitive eyes, his silly ways, his loving stoic nature

He was a true gift. My pretty Sheltie boy

My Roary, my “Marshmallow Professor”

Marches to his own drum,

smart as a whip,

pretty much has little use for me (other than for food),

He prefers his Daddy.

Probably because Daddy was the first to see him

the day before we adopted him

But I’m his Mom and yes he DOES love me

Just in his own way.

My Levi, ohhh Levi!!

The most challenging of all of my pets!

My GIANT Sheltie who loves me

and loves to be with me.

He is a work in progress

I thought I’d never make it through

his puppyhood. But I did!

He’s becoming a gentleman, in spite of himself

I wouldn’t trade the memories 

and the current day-to-day craziness

and experiences for the world.

They are all my loves, my life, my “furkids”

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For all of the times you made me laugh, I thank you.

For the times that I cried,  I learned.

I wouldn’t be “me” without ever having loved any of “you.”

A Fur Mamas Thank You To My Pets On Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the purrfect Mommies, 

as well as men who have taken 
on the role of “Mommy”

and all of the other fabulous
“mothering” role models
  out there, that may not
have textbook “children” of their own!

It doesn’t matter if the babies are

 2-legged minus fur,

or 4-legged with fur,

or if the babies,

swim, slither, 

fly, crawl, gallop or hop…

a Mother’s love is just the same!!

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