A fox in Canada gave birth to cubs right under the porch

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In Canada, a litter of seven cubs was accidentally found under the porch of a private home in the town of McHam, Ontario.

We can only guess why the fox could not find a more suitable place. And the babies were not found immediately. The cubs were about four weeks old when they were found.

The owner of the house heard suspicious rustling and squeaking and eventually discovered that it was coming from under the boardwalk near the threshold. He called in wildlife expert Brad Gates.

When Gates opened up the boardwalk, he saw first one little fox, and then six more crawling out one by one from somewhere on the side. Gates cringed and said he’d never seen such small foxes before.

A fox in Canada

Gates took the foxes out and examined them. The babies looked strong and healthy, which meant that their mother was somewhere nearby and visited regularly to feed them. So it was decided to give the mother fox a chance to take the cubs somewhere else.

The foxes were put in a large open box and placed not far from the decking where they were found, and then began to watch carefully to see if the fox would come for them.

The fox came. One by one she began to take the cubs out of the box, and then briskly ran off with other cubs to somewhere across the road, apparently carrying them to their new home. The fox took all seven of them.

According to Brad Gates, we can only hope that the fox’s new lair is not located under someone else’s porch.

The video shows all the details of the operation to get the cubs out from under the decking and how the mother fox dragged them to the new place.

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