A 180-Kilogram Mini-pig Lives in Three Rooms and Eats Peaches On Pets And Tricks

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Contrary to the promises of the sellers, the pygmy pig has turned into a huge pig.

A report on the “pig life” was published October 18 by the Daily Mail.

Nigel Graham, 57, bought a mini-pig for his 48-year-old wife Sam for her birthday. The woman is allergic to cats and dogs, so the resident of Malvern (UK) decided to get such an exotic pet.

The seller assured the man that the adult mini-pig would never weigh more than five stones (30 kilograms). To reassure Nigel, they showed him the “fully grown micro-pigs”, which were about knee-high and they called them the parents of the pig.

A 180 Kilogram Mini pig Lives in Three Rooms and Eats Peaches

Now, however, 1.5-meter-long, 180-kilogram pig named Grace occupies the entire first floor of the cottage and eats £20 a week. “She eats three square meals a day and gets treats. I think that’s what influenced her size,” says the owner.

Grace is used to comforting: she eats canned peaches with pleasure and doesn’t want to sleep in the stable. Her bed is an orthopedic mattress in the living room. Grace also likes to lie on the couch while the owners watch TV.

Nigel, the father of two daughters, considers the pig his third daughter.A 180-pound mini-pig lives in three rooms 2

“She’s a member of our family,” Graham continues. – Grace doesn’t look like a pig, more like a cat or a dog, she’s used to the litter box and has a door made especially for her. Bacon used to be my favorite meat, but we gave it up.

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