7 Celebrities and Their Lovely Cats

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We listed the most celebrities with cats. Here are 7 stars who are total cat lovers.

Cats are just indifferent to everything that takes place around the world, yet again they somehow manage to make us happier. Everything about them is just great. We love them even though they decide to break our favorite mugs, spill food, and do not care about what we do. Like Kesha said, “animals make everything better.”

Some of these felines are also involved in the glamorous lives of the most famous stars. Unlike your poor cat, they probably eat much better cat food and have their own houses filled with cat toys.  

Miley Cyrus and Shanti Om Bb

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Superstar Miley Cyrus also has a lovely kitten alongside a very cute pig called Bubba Sue and a great dog. Her love for animals is known around the world, which is why she opened up an Instagram account for a kitten named Shanti Om Bb.  

Taylor Swift and Her Cats: Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson

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The famous singer also has two lovely cats named Meredith and Olivia. She named these two immensely cute felines after her favorite fictional characters. Meredith’s name is based on the show Grey’s Anatomy and Olivia’s is from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  

Norman Reedus and Eye in the Dark

  Norman Reedus and his cat, eye in the dark - Imgur

The famous actor who starred in titles that became global sensations like Walking Dead and Death Stranding, has a feline friend as well. And the cat’s name is Eye in the Dark, which makes him a great companion to the talented actor’s dark and charismatic aura. Reedus added in an interview that his best friend was his cat.  

Katy Perry and Kitty Purry

  Katy Perry is mourning the loss of her pet cat, Kitty Purry

Kitty Purry was the beautiful cat of Katy Perry. She, unfortunately, died back in April 2020 and left millions of mourning hearts behind. The famous singer and songwriter said that she still misses her to this day. She also added that Kitty helped her during very difficult times.  

Ricky Gervais and Ollie

  It's my cake day, so here's my favourite picture of Ricky Gervais with his  cat, Ollie. - Imgur

British comedy genius Ricky Gervais is the ultimate animal lover. He constantly shares posts of his cat Ollie. He is also involved in various projects that focus on helping animals around the world. Gervais was in the voice cast of the short film named Save Ralph, which was created to stop animal testing.  

Ed Sheeran and Graham

  Graham The Cat - Love Meow

The worldwide famous singer Ed Sheeran adopted his cat Graham back in 2014. He shared a photo of Graham and said that the cat was about to be put down. So, he adopted him and gave him a new house. The shape of Graham is very cute, by the way.  

Robert Downey Jr. and His Cats: Montgomery and D’Artagnan

  déia on Twitter: "robert downey jr. and cats #InternationalCatDay  https://t.co/aOf99n9XFo" / Twitter

The famous Iron Man actor is also a cat owner. He has two amazingly cute felines named Montgomery and D’Artagnan. The actor shared a couple of photos and videos with his cats, showing pure love for his pets. He once said in an interview that he would kill for “those two sweet and little feline souls” as well.

These are the most famous stars with their feline companions.

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