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Are there only 5 benefits of having a cat as pet? As an avid cat lover I would say no because there are many, many benefits! However, during these stressful times dealing with Coronavirus, to have any pet is beneficial. Yes, our pets can make us laugh, smile and give us comfort and hope which is needed right now.

However, if you wanted to know what is the best pet to have during this time? It is hands down our furry, cuddly feline friends! Here are five reasons why.

They are furry and Cuddly!

This one is obvious! Who doesn’t like to pet a furry buddy after a long day and stressful day? As you pet your feline friend, you can almost feel your stress and anxiety lighten with every stroke. Also, because they are not large, it is easy to cuddle up to them or they cuddle up to you. How does their warm little bodies make you feel when they snuggle up to you? This is pet therapy at its best my friends!

Walks Not Needed!

If you have a medium or large sized dog, you are going to have to walk them regularly. In normal times this would not be a problem because there are benefits such as getting exercise and fresh air. However, with Covid-19 many of us are practicing social distancing and others are in lock down. As a result our freedom is restricted and this can be extremely hard for a dog as they like to be outside and active. With a cat though, this is not a problem. If you have an indoor cat like I do, you realize that your home is more than they will ever need! Also, is doesn’t hurt that our feline friends like to get 18 hours of sleep per day either.

The Beauty of Litter Boxes!

If you have a dog, you have to take them outside regularly for them to do their business. With restrictions of movement this becomes more of a challenge. If you have other pets like birds for example, cleaning a cage can be a messy process. However cleaning a litter box is easy peasy with no mess or no fuss! And the routine does not change during this pandemic which is helpful.

Cats Don’t Stink!

I was watching a commercial recently where a couple’s dog laid on their bed and they then later went to lay on it and jumped up because of the smell. It smelled like dog! This is a unique and gross smell. Now imagine having a dog inside your apartment all the time. Soon your whole apartment and yourself smell like dog. Yuck!

That is the beauty of having a cat, they don’t stink. Cats are constantly cleaning themselves. I find it relaxing and therapeutic to watch my little guy constantly clean himself rigorously. As a result when he lays on our couch or bed, it does not stink all. What a relief!

Cats Love Sleep!

They do and that is a good thing. Think about it, if your cat sleeps up to 18 hours per day, you only need to occupy them for a small part of the day. With my little guy, I play with him here and then there throughout the day and he’s good! With a larger pet like a dog for example, this might pose a challenge as the dog might get antsy and frustrated with being inside for so long. Also, they do not sleep like cats do and that can create more anxiety for you.

5 Benefits of Having a Cat -Conclusion

We are living in critical times hard to deal with my friends. And there will be times when we will need a distraction. Our pets can do that for us and if you have a pet enjoy them to the full. However, if you do not have a pet, and are thinking to have one to help keep you company during these strange times. I suggest getting a cat friend as they are the right pet to help us cope in this new reality. The 5 benefits of having a cat mentioned above proves this to be true. And once this virus has past, you will find many others benefits too. Long live cats!

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