20 April 2021, CWS Sterilisation Programme for Pet Cats – cat welfare society

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20 April 2021 CWS Sterilisation Programme for Pet Cats –

CWS has been helping low income and financially distressed families sterilise their pet cats for several months now.

In many cases, the sterilisation of pet cats takes the back burner to more pressing needs for food and shelter of the families themselves. The delayed sterilisation results in the cats suffering from complications and in a gross overpopulation within the home. Many families end up abandoning their cats and shifting the burden of the cats’ care to community caregivers who are already stretching their dollar to care for the existing community cats.

CWS opened the current programme up to assist families facing such difficulties ease the financial burden of sterilisation by sponsoring the full cost of sterilisation and microchipping of the cat. The families bear the cost of transport and the responsibility of payment for any additional complications such as antibiotics if there are complications.

This programme helps approximately 60 to 80 families each month and between 200 to 250 cats each month. It comes at a large financial cost to the organisation but one that is necessarily and happily borne because it is a means to the happy end of decreased abandonment.

We rely on everyone who supports our work to keep this programme going and to spread the message to needy families or friends to seek assistance. If you know of anyone who needs help, please have them visit www.catwelfare.org/catsnip and fill in the form.

If you wish to support us with this programme, please visit www.catwelfare.org/donate to make a donation.

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