19 March 2021, Community Engagement at Redhill – cat welfare society On Pets And Tricks

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19 March 2021 Community Engagement at Redhill – cat welfare

The CWS Community Engagement Managers frequently conduct door-to-door exercises at blocks that receive a high number of cat-related feedback. In one such session at Redhill, our Manager partnered with representatives from the Resident’ Network, AVS and the Town Council to go door-to-door to identify units that are causing disamenities to their neighbours.

Some of the problems identified were:
(a) Roaming pet cats
(b) Feeding in corridors
(c) Unsterilised pet cats

It is quickly apparent that the only ones responsible for causing the disamenities are the human beings themselves. To that end, the various representatives provided the individuals responsible with the necessary information to educate them on responsible pet care and caregiving. If these individuals follow through with the suggested steps, the disamenities will end and the space will be more happily shared by human beings and cats alike.

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