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You just got a puppy and can’t wait to start your new life together. You need to make a vet appointment but you’re wondering what are the most important questions to ask your vet about your new puppy.

If you don’t already have a vet, try to get a personal reference when making your selection.

Make sure that you choose a vet who will give you enough time to answer the questions that you have. 

No vet will have an unlimited amount of time. But you should receive answers to your important questions or referrals to other resources.

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Of course, you want to be sure that your puppy’s healthy. But you also have many questions about how to keep him healthy and regarding his nutrition. 

If this is your first puppy or even if you’re a seasoned puppy parent, it’s still important to ask necessary questions about your current puppy.

When I get a new puppy, I schedule a vet visit for her to be seen in the first few days. 

When I adopted Millie, my Aussie mix, from a rescue group, I already had a vet visit scheduled for the next day. 

She seemed to be healthy, and the rescue group already had her checked by a vet and given age-appropriate vaccinations. 

But it’s still good for peace of mind to have your new furry bundle checked out. 

Some breeders, shelters, or rescues may even require that you do so within a certain number of days after you pick up your puppy. 

When I go to the visit, I have a list of questions. And my very patient, thorough vet happily answers them. 

I’ve been a client at my regular vet for many years. Her routine check-up with a new puppy already answers many of the basic questions I have.

But I always have some additional questions, including follow-ups to the information my vet provides.

You also probably have many questions that your vet can answer. 

In this article, I’ll discuss many questions that you should ask a vet regarding your new puppy. 

In addition to making sure that your puppy’s currently healthy, your vet can help answer any questions regarding how to maintain your pup’s health.

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