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10 things that cats love and adore the most from their love of boxes to their addiction to hunting things and many other things If you are excited to know the list of ten things that cats love, keep reading.

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Deep sleep:

Sleeping for long hours is one of her favorite activities and it is normal for her to sleep between fifteen and sixteen hours a day, and some of them may spend up to eighteen hours without any problems, just avoid disturbing her during sleep because this greatly affects her psyche, especially if your cat is young

Hunting instinct

It is something innate in most cats and they inherited it from their ancestors who lived in nature

Some cat breeders reprimand their cats when trying to hunt a bird, but in fact, this is not effective because this is a natural behavior and it motivates them a lot and it is very difficult to eliminate it

Scratching things:

It is also one of the instinctive activities of cats, which is very necessary for their psychological and physical health

She does this for fun, sharpening her nails and also to locate her dominance

This behavior puts you in embarrassing situations, especially if she loves to scratch furniture

We suggest that you provide her with alternative items such as the scratching post that appears in front of you or read about how to get cats to stop scratching furniture.

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Cats love warm places.

It is not strange to see her sleeping under the sun at some times of the day, as most cats like to do this.


Contrary to the popular belief among people who describe cats as animals that love solitude, in fact, they like to be shed light on them and to have an important place inside the house, and perhaps massaging their head and some areas of their body is among the most things that you can satiate their desire to feel Its importance to you

Note only, do not approach her unless she likes it, and if she is aggressive, do not approach her

You can watch a video of treating aggressive behavior in cats

Watching the world from behind the windows:

She can spend long hours watching people, moving things, and anything else that may interest her, especially if she spends long hours alone, and we recommend that you leave the curtains open in front of her and provide entertainment and entertainment inside the house if you spend your whole day away from her.


We all know this but what you should know is that some cats eat even if they are not hungry

And if you want to keep your cat happy and in good health, we recommend that you change its eating habits on a regular basis and give it pieces of fruits that you like or some dried cat food grains, and this is of course in addition to its regular meals

Climbing high places:

Sometimes in order to sleep in it and other times in order to observe the world from above, and this stems from the desire of the cats to be always on top in order to control the situation

Do you like to play?

It does not matter how old she is because she always plays like children, even if her activity decreases with her age

She always maintains the same childish play movements, whether with other cats or with their human owners or even by using some games such as a ball

And if you do not have the money to buy some games, you can play with them yourself. This may make her enjoy a lot more than thousands of games that may be boring for her.

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Likes to be with family members:

Many people hate cats because they think that they are selfish and do not like their owners, but in fact, they say this because they do not have one, cats express their love for you sometimes in hidden ways that you do not pay attention to

At other times it expresses clearly and explicitly, tell me does your cat like to sleep near you?

10 things that cats love and adore the most from their love of boxes to their addiction to hunting things and many other things

Or do you greet me after returning from work?

If she does, this is a sign that she misses you

This was all about things cats love.

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