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In this topic, 10 things cats hate, don’t do to your cat we will show you ten things that cats hate.

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1- Water:

Water is at the top of the list of things cats hate, and even if you put a few drops on their fur, they will probably run away from you.

Although there are some breeds that are very tolerant of water, such as American Maine Coon cats, or Turkish Van Turk cats.

The reason cats hate water is that they don’t understand it well

There is a theory that cats hate water because the ancestors of most domestic cats lived in the deserts of the Middle East and Asia, where they rarely met water.

2- Strong smells:

Although cats’ sense of smell is not as developed as that of dogs, for example, cats are nevertheless bothered by strong smells.

Like people being disturbed by unpleasant odors, that’s why she avoids the smell of onions and gasoline

3- Forcing her to do something she doesn’t want

Cats like to be free so most cats hate kissing and hugging as holding them makes them feel trapped

Forcing her to do things she doesn’t like may cause her to act aggressively, such as scratching and biting a lot.

This does not mean that cats are not emotional, it means that you should respect their need to behave as they please.

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4- People and animals you don’t know:

Cats hate meeting strangers, whether they are animals or people

This hate may not exist if the cat has been accustomed to meeting strangers since its childhood

But in general, most cats hate this because strangers bring new smells and signals to them, which can confuse them and make them disappear whenever a new guest comes to the house.

Cats want to keep everything around them under control, and this thing gets shaken whenever someone they don’t know walks in

5- Loud noise:

Screaming, fireworks or loud music, vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers are also sounds that frighten cats the most.

This is because her hearing is very sensitive and this amount of noise makes her feel insecure and causes her constant anxiety

That’s why you shouldn’t shout at her and just reward her whenever she does good behavior

6- Changes in routine:

Anyone who has had a cat knows how much they love their daily routine, as any change in it is a very sensitive issue; cats love to control their environment.

And any sudden change makes it completely uncomfortable, so be sure to prepare your cat well for any change that it seeks to introduce into its life independently.

7- Surprises:

As much as cats hate change, they also hate surprises. Although surprises may be fun for humans, cats never like them.

And spread on YouTube a group of clips of cats who are surprised to see cucumbers near them

Yes, she is terrified when she sees a cucumber near her, and this is not because the cucumber scares her, but because she did not expect to see her so close to her.

It is not a good idea to surprise her in this way and there are many healthy games that you can play with your cat without terrifying her

8- She hates balloons.

Cats find it difficult to understand the nature of balloons, as they do not understand how this silent thing has the ability to move and fly

In many cases, balloons are considered a life-threatening predator

9. Look directly into her eyes.

No animal likes to stare in the face for long

Cats are not an exception among animals. Cats may not show any fear with their owners, but when it comes to strangers, they may run away or act violently.

10- Dirt:

Cats are among the cleanest pets, if not the cleanest at all

She spends a large part of her day cleaning herself from dirt, which is why she needs to have a clean environment

She hates that the litter box is dirty or that her drinking water is unclean

But if the utensils in which she eats are dirty, then she can refrain from eating for days

That was all about 10 things cats hate

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