10 Not-So-Happy Snaps

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Not everyone looks as wonderful as a supermodel in front of the camera, but there’s always someone who takes the snaps you’d rather nobody else saw, or someone who manages to ruin every potentially great photo. We’re flicking through our album of photo mishaps and embarrassing moments.  


1. These lights are far trickier than they look. Thanks for your ridicule though, it’s been most helpful.


dog tangled christmas tree
2. But that WAS me smiling! 


cat ecu
3. Seriously Larry, you really don’t have to document everything about our night out.


dog urinals
4. Would you please tell me what’s so funny? 


cat moustache
5. Can’t we have at least one nice photo?


Dog photobomb Cat
6. Okay, you’ve had your fun. Can you put the camera away now and help me down? 


Cute dog tree

7. She’s doing it again isn’t she? I’m not posing for any more photos until she leaves the room.


cat photobomb

8. I wasn’t ready! Promise me you’ll delete that one. 

cat with funny face

9. I’ll pay you a big box of beef treats to destroy the evidence and say that I was never here.

dog wallpaper

10. I asked you very nicely not to take a photo. Just wait until I get out of here!

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